Founded in 2005, VideoArtWorld is responsible of creating and establishing the international market standards for the appropriate collection, preservation and divulgation of moving imagery in the XXI Century. Its pioneering model promotes a clear, solid and extremely attractive market for this vital means of expression.      


With its online and offline projects, VideoArtWorld has been strongly focused on enhancing the value and historical significance of Videoart, allowing it to gain the importance and respect that Painting, Sculpture, Photography and Prints have commonly been regarded within the art world.


This revolutionary and pioneering model resolved the handicaps that Videoart had been facing in the art market for the past decades, making worldwide dissemination and distribution of the work fully compatible with a secure and transparent market for private and public collectors.



In order to be part of VideoArtWorld, the artwork must follow the following edition standards which assure the preservation of its quality and value, under the worldwide collectable market guidelines for original certified editions of video and installation art, clearly specifying the certified value of the works present on the site under the following issuing formats:

· LIMITED ORIGINAL MASTER EDITION – Issued with the highest quality in the original format and/or transferred to the highest quality current format (ie. Digital Beta cam, Mini DV, Blue Ray, HD DVD, 4K or Hard Drive) applying the smallest compression to the file. This limited edition is signed by the artist and includes the certification for screening and re-sale rights. It is ussualy issued in sets of 1, 3, 5, 7 or 15 originals, plus 2 artist’s copies. It is normally purchased to become part of a collection with the right and responsibility to restore it when necessary, assuring the preservation and protection of its full quality within years to come. 

· OPEN EDITION FOR EXHIBITION DISTRIBUTION – Issued with a high screening quality, applying a small compression to the file (ie. MPG4, H264, HD, Full HD, 4K). This edition has the right to be rented for exhibition displays. A distributor often manages this rental activity, but the representative gallery or the artist can also manage it, directly negotiating with the curators or education institutions interested.   

· OPEN EDITION COPIES FOR PRIVATE USE – Copies highly compressed, ussually issued in DVD, pen-drives or transferrable technologies. These copies do not have the right to be publicly displayed nor re-sold within the art market. They are often given for dissemination to the press, critics, curators and general public. A DVD publisher can be in charge of massively distributing this edition, to promote the general awareness of the work without harming the market of the original limited edition. This format extends the work’s life once its original set has been sold out, allowing it to reach new audiencies.

These standards were created thanks to expertise knowledge in art economics, fine art appraisal, new media art and intellectual property rights within the art market in the Digital Age. This early model launched the collecting market for intangible art, creating a new industry and promoting the tremendous boom that it has experienced since then. Thanks to our long experience on the field, we are confident to provide to artists, dealers, curators and collectors with the information they need in order to appropriately develop their collections, exhibitions, inventory and body of work.

By serving its entire community worldwide, VideoArtWorld has strongly helped videoart reaching the level of importance and credibility that other multipliable mediums such as photography, sculpture and print have enjoyed for decades, in an effort to democratize the artistic praxis and criteria, reshaping the industry of intangible at the beginning of the XXI Century.



Holding iMAGERY SPECTRUM · Progressive Projects encompasses all the projects developed since 2005. It includes all the online platforms developed, as well as the offline projects which can be viewed at www.imageryspectrum.com.



iMAGERY DIMENSION · Innovative Art Collective

In an effort to create alternative realities for the industry of thought, this international artist network is dedicated to the contemporary research on innovative artistic technologies and mediums, arranged under photography, audiovisual, technological and plastic practices. The network encourages creators to exercise their rights on authorship, using licenses that best suit each specific creation, medium and scope.

iMAGERY AFFAIRS · Art Agency & Consulting

Consulting dedicated to the planning, direction and execution of cultural events for some of the most active cultural venues of the World, in collaboration with artists, critics, curators, collectors, agents and other professionals of the cultural field. Engaging the highest quality of criteria and execution, our endeavors include the organization of specialized Fairs, Festivals, Exhibitions, Screenings, Essays, Publications, Conferences, and Symposiums. Other customized consulting and broadcast services on demand are specifically appropriate for collectors, institutions and contemporary artists.

iMAGERY SCHOOL · Creativity for Innovation

Bilingual proficiency program that appropriately integrates a number of methods towards the perceptive and imaginary development of the human being. Curriculum includes activities based upon cognitive development exercises, programmed to promote the sensorial thrive and facilitate the receptive and creative abilities of each individual. Following neuro-linguistic and artistic-metaphoric techniques, multiple intelligences are empowered and the abilities of relaxation, attention focusing, visualization and memory enhancing. It works on possible blockages which interfere with the natural creative flow of the human being and putting into practice innovative thought processes.



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