"..Okay. One of the reasons for this meeting is that you both expect having a future together. As Marc was telling me, describing how you meet and about both your pasts, it occurred to me how many times you could use the word difference and that is better than indifferent. When opposites meet there is always a chance, a chance for the unexpected, a gap for chaos, leading to new creations. As you are able to create your daily working life both, you are both able to create, than you must be able to catch and use fence or a brain wave and use it. And my wish for you is that you use the same in your personal life. For each meeting asks for a completeness, to come to an all including meeting. That is my wish for you. Thank you."

"When the opposites meet there is always a chance" is a video registration of the ceremony of registered partnership (matrimony) taking place in the Netherlands between an EU citizen and a non-EU citizen. While the legal register of the ceremony makes unnecessary and opinioned comments on the partners' different cultural backgrounds, producing unclear meanings in broken English, the nature and validity of such a marriage becomes questionable. Finally, the partnership is being closed.

When the opposites meet there is always a chance?

Artist: Katarina Zdjelar
Production year: 2007
Duration: 00:07:32

Mirta Demare

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