"My animations represent scenes from daily life, and are begun with the same liberty and spontaneous feelings as in my quick sketches. I approach drawing as if it were a form of daily writing that aims to enter into contact with reality. I take an inventory and then organise my narration while privileging experimentation, the freedom of each line, and the graphic evolutions , much like the works of Kentridge, Mrzk et Moriceau or even Plympton". RAPHAEL LARRE

His drawings of movement are so many hints of life....alternating lines, surfaces, shapes and abstractions. One of the openings for this practice resides in the use of projections in his work - very large projections, in order that the spectator be confronted bodily wit the drawings and that the animations are their surface. The arrival and departures of "personalities" in the animation creates a theatrical dimension, similar to a choreography.

Traits Quotidiens

Artist: Raphael Larre
Production year: 2005
Duration: 00:08:50

Schirman & De Beauce

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