THEWELCOME: adj.d m-f, pl-sing. To have a slippery, polymorphic, simultaneous and reflactionary personality; unequivocally welcome. It is difficult to find and to determine in place, date, number and genre; it appears there, where it is necessary and unexpected. It has the capability to transmute the negative into the posotive and because of the whole result it is decisive for the lives of those who have experienced it. // 2. All the circumstances and favors taken together, which impregnate our world to improve it in an astonishing manner, one can not always understand instantly. // 3. MOMENT THEWELCOME. // espr.fam. One speaks of a moment in which one reaches an insight which is total, concrete or includes the enlightment of oneself. a decisive and revealing moment. // chronol. WAS THE WELCOME. // Expression to define a balance, the beauty, the harmony the spiritual evolution and the terrestrialsapience prevail. // IT'S A THEWELCOME! Expression to define a person who brings delight, beauty, wisom and harmony into the life of the others.// I AM LIKE THEWELCOME! // expr.fam. which is used to define a state of balance of body, mind and soul


Artist: José Luis Serzo
Production year: 2006
Duration: 00:03:48

Blanca Soto

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