In the magical neighbourhood of Las Salinas Bras del Port near Alicante and at the dawn of a night with full moon, the Spanish artist Silvia Noguera puts five poetical actions with a metaphorical and poetical character into effect, while she is vested with an antique Japanese Kimono. In the first action she uses the word sal (salt) to compose a cabalistic salute based on the letters of the word salve which means Hello Salve/ VeSal/ Velas/ Selva (hola, me vees? estoy aqui, en la sal/ cuida/ a silvia (Hello, do you see me? I'm here in the salt, take care of Silvia). In the second action she creates an arid Zen garden made of salt. It consists of a truncate pyramid measured on the basis of the proportion of the aura where she deposits a bird, whch has recently died. this is aritual action of purification. The third action, called the measuring, begins with a study on the classical Vitruvian measurement in order to part man in the same manner as measuring the world. In concrete, this is a measuring in the dimension of the elbow (measuring 42 cm). This measurement then serves to pass into a ritual of cure by the therapeutic means of the salt. The fourth is a mirroring game: stuck in the middle of a puddle of salt, which has turned itself into a huge mirror, I play with another mirror and a magnifying glas to reflect on myself and on the cosmos. This is an action of self-cognition and awareness of the world. Eventually the last action, named calligraphies, is a play of words written in the salt: rose (eros)- si (yes), vida-libre (life-free), amor-si (love-yes) etc


Artist: Silvia Noguera
Production year: 2006
Duration: 00:17:13

Blanca Soto

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