Porca Miseria
©2006 Maria Cristina Carbonell
Porca Miseria is the story of three women linked by fate: a geisha selling their addi......
©2009 Fran Blanes
Is it possible to do emergent art in the space of the institutionalized art? The answ......
©2002 Anthony Goicolea
In the past, I have worked primarily in photography and have documented staged, self-......
Misery of my soul
©2013 Monika K. Adler
MONIKA K. ADLER “Misery of my soul, 2013, 2’58 In memory of Oksana Makar.......
Twins (face)
©2005 Ellen Harvey
One video is of the artist's face while drawing a self-portrait; the other is of the ......
Obsolete # 4
©2014 Alberto Roblest
Based on the " Vitruvian Man " by Leonardo DaVinci, this video is intended as a refle......
©2006 Christoph Draeger
Camera: Reynold Reynolds Sound: Travis Hefferen This is the story of Drgerman, a man ......
El Error
©2008 Amparo Sard
Sao Paulo Citytellers
©2006 Francesco Jodice
City Tellers San Paulo is a private investigation into the many aspects of life in a ......
El Principe
©2007 Maria Cristina Carbonell
En El prncipe estn representadas imgenes reiteradas, arquetipales, del erotismo y el des......
Laisse Tomber Les Filles (Leave the girls alone)
©2013 claRa apaRicio yoldi
Homage to Godard, Gallo and of course Eisenstein and his montage theory. By cutting a......
©2005 Eva Davidova
photo-based animation loop...
©2004 Sabine Groß
In her videos, Gross refers to popular works of art history, such as The Scream, by E......
Both Members of This Club
©2002 Ofri Cnaani
The video shows a physical dialogue between two mature women, in which the relationsh......
Sweet nightingale
©2005 Victor Alimpiev
The crowd of people seems to follow silent stage direction and therewith to abscond f......
RAM_city (Mil pantallas)
©2014 claRa apaRicio yoldi
Video based on a text by José Luis Brea: RAM_city (1000 screens), part of the ......