A city is spliced though physical and mental scapes, reality and dream, documentary and fiction. This is a work that has been intially commissioned for the Architecture Venice Biennal of 2004, a project that has mutated and changed by defintion over time, developing in chapters, eventually growing into a feature film to be released in 2009.
This video is a dreamy sci-fi film noirmeditation in the city of Tel Aviv (and latter in Shang Hai) and it is focused on the protagonist's incapability of understanding himself to be the author or the victim of an imaginary event. The video is based on an interlaced mix of urban contemporary snapshots and fiction, representing the current and daily Tel Aviv and unstable radical shift of the city's space and time. Through the eyes of the figure at play, the movie generates a tension between reality and illusion and proceses an alienation of the city. A city shot from a birds-eye view to an evil sub current of street level daily chaos. It explores through video and sound, a hidden psych in the urban texture and offers a wide gaze on a city in transit and shift though memory, alienation, identity and memory loss, dreams of murder and futuristic architecture. An exploration that is unable to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

Insomniac City

Artist: Ran Slavin
Production year: 2009
Duration: 00:02:01

Tavi Dresdner

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