The film explores some aspects of japanese young peolple social behaviours. Feeling of unease and lack of communication lead to different kind of reaction (skaters; harajuku-kids) or no-action (Otaku;Hikikomori) or annihilation (suicide pact). Hikikomori, the main theme of the film, is a voluntary reclusion pursuing the complete annhilation of communication and relationships. Generally hikikomori are under 30 and with an high level of instruction.

Most of them decide to never go out of their home or even of their bedroom. This absolute isolation, that can least for a short period, but even years, becomes a shelter, a protected place of lost childhood, virtual game and manga. Hikikomori live a nocturnal life, in a deep depressive state, far from social responsabilities (school, work, family) and activities. Even sexuality is often virtually lived and connected to a sexy manga heroin.

Hikikomori was filmed in Tokyo between the 3rd and the 8th of november 2004.


Artist: Francesco Jodice
Production year: 2004
Duration: 00:24:00

Marta Cervera

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