In Goodbye my love goodbye the relation between sound and picture becomes apparent: the viewer looks upon heated asphalt, the typical movie shoot suggesting an endless desert parted by a glimmering highway. A green object appears at the horizon. One can only hear the sound of crickets. The green object seems to be the semantic determinator in this scenario. It creeps along the highway, almost in slow motion. All of a sudden a white object enters the frame in very rapid movement. It seems as though it would crash into the green one, but before the situation comes clear, both objects melt in the desert heat and the scenario starts all over again. All the while, the chirping of the crickets stays constant and is revealed as the motor of the visual elements that are out of focus. A meltdown of the mirage's natural effect and the videotechnical disturbance evolves. Before the viewer is able to decide whether there is an actual connection between reality and animation the loop has started again.

Goodbye my love goodbye

Artist: Christine De La Garenne
Production year: 2003
Duration: 00:01:43

Anita Beckers

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