A camera slowly follows the figure of a woman walking, with continuous travelling. On both sides, in an impossible space, hang framed pictures with recognizable images from the history of Western painting, in which the great geniuses, men, have represented the figure of women over centuries. Towards the end of her journey she begins to be reflected in these paintings, which are now mirrors that return her image. Then she will pass through the painting. Will she now end up being the spectator, to take a position, and create her own representative modes? "Efficient Story" reflects on the power of the prevailing perspective and what this means in relation to the viewer. The gaze controls everything. In the art world, as in other fields, that perspective, that point of view, it is primarily masculine. Most representations of women that we find in museums and galleries, are made by men. This changes with the gazes of women that question this "Almighty" position and the perspective itself. Following the theory of gender and feminist studies, it is the responsibility of the History of Art to review the system of representation. We need alternative views, unheard spaces, to put into question that imposed look that manipulates us.

Efficient Story

Artist: claRa apaRicio yoldi
Production year: 2016
Duration: 00:03:36


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