Dcandanze, play on words between Can, Dance and Decadence.
Dcandanze reflects through the dance the spirit, the energy of an emblematic space, full of history and work and whose "karma" is palpable, still today in state of abandon. A space with own life. His energy is so powerful that resists to the step of the time, to his disappearance, even in the face of the urbanistic remodelling that suffers at present the former Industrial Neighborhood of the Poblenou, where placed the complex, today transformed into Bussiness Center, infected of macro companies and multinationals situated in investors' skyscraper measures.
The personification of this energy linked to the space will be our dancer and the dance her expression. We obtain the differentiation of the stadiums through the music, the generated climate, the treatment of the planes, the body expresion of the dancer and her wardrobe.
Changeable stadiums and in evolutionary process of switch-off-hibernation, recharging batteries towards his ignition and activity.


Artist: Pixel in Fact
Production year: 2008
Duration: 00:06:11


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