In the Pali literature, the "chatu dhatu" or "four elements" are: air, earth, fire and water. In early Buddhism, these four elements were the basis of the understanding of suffering and to free oneself from it. To western culture the aether means the fifth element that is part of all that is earthly, that unchanging substance that forms the unknown. Coupled with this and shaping this project we have focused on nature, fertility, subtlety, curves, spirituality, mysticism, sensuality and the symbolism of the female body as a carrier of life, entering the beyond to explain the course of this.

Written and directed - Maria Dorada
Cinematography - Carlos Canseco
Actress - Ana Lozano
Art direction - Maria Dorada
Assistant art director - Ana Lozano
Editing - David Heofs
Artist make up - Ana Lozano
Colorist - Victor Herrero
Music editors - Rooteo & Geez Azz


Artist: Maria Dorada
Production year: 2014
Duration: 00:00:11
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