In this video, the artist parodies children's TV programs (in the vein of BBC's "Blue Peter") where adults teach children how to make useful objects using household items.
The object in this case, "a carpet bomb" refers to a technique designed to cover an area completely, in a similar way to a carpet covering the floor. First used by the Germans to bombard Guernica (Spain) in 1937, carpet-bombing made headlines during the first gulf war, when civilian territories in Iraq were targeted from the air by the US armed forces. More recent episodes of carpet-bombing have taken place in Afghanistan.
The piece highlights the use of language and media to mould social perceptions in line with political objectives. Techniques to wage war and kill civilians on a massive scale are named and represented in ways which make them appear harmless, acceptable, or even thrilling.
The carpet bombs made in this video, give shape to the image conjured by the carefully chosen name. They have the form of the bombs which represented children's cartoons, they are colorful ? made of carpets ? and soft like cuddly toys.

A Demonstration

Artist: Yara El-Sherbini
Production year: 2005
Duration: 00:03:46

La Caja Blanca

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