11.45.03 is set in a space that exists outside time: a long, dark corridor designed by the artists to represent the mental space of the protagonist, an artist played by the charismatic Ernesto Mahieux. The artist shares this space with a muse and a man, each of whom wear big metal gowns. The piece rotates around the artist's egotistic and somewhat disrespectful delirium. He has been swallowed by his own art and narcissism, and can no longer tell if these people are real or products of his mind. The Muse is accompanied by a gigantic lead ball that appears to incorporate all life's suffering. The Man mirrors the artist's imminent future; an ungrateful and perverse reflection. Tension and irony suffuse the video. The artist, like some mathematical peacock searching for order in mental chaos, wears a long-tailed jacket covered with formulae and theorems. In three intervals the smiling "mathematical dwarf" lies down in his own glass coffin, trailed by his flock of sheep, his trash and his obsessions. The text, written by Italian novelist Aldo Nove, is narrated offstage by Mahieux: a philosophical and omniscient super-ego with a strong Neapolitan accent.


Artist: Masbedo
Production year: 2004
Duration: 00:11:45


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