Participating VAW Artists

From the other side by Ana de Alvear, 2004. Courtesy of the Artist
Secret Strike. Tate Modern. London by Alicia Framis, 2003. Courtesy of Helga de Alvear Collection
Gowar by Jon Mikel Euba, 2003-2005, Courtesy of Teresa Sapey Collection
El artista de la vida moderna by Ruth Gomez, 2003-2004, Courtesy of Teresa Sapey Collection
The rhinosaurus and the wale by Nathalie Djurberg, 2008. Courtesy of Teresa Sapey Collection

VIVA Show at MOCA Seoul

Along with the MACBA Collection show La Sombra del Habla, MMCA Seoul exhibits every Saturday of September three selections from VIVA, International tour of Videoart and Collections works, along with curatorial program Restless (E)motion.

Submitted by: Macu Moran Marcos

Written by: Macu Moran

Start date: 04-09-2010
End date: 25-09-2010
Location: MOCA - National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea (Grand Park Seoul Land)
Web URL: http://


7.30pm - 8.30pm - All Saturdays of September 

VIVA give access to audiovisual art collections inventory in dialog with a range of worldwide artists, through programs at different venues.  VIVA selections do not necesarily follow a specific curatorial line, but carefully try to involve the audience into a specific dynamic, within which their attention is able to focus and establish an appropriate relation with the work.

Macu MoranVIVA Chief Curator

September 4th - VIVA SPANISH NIGHT

VIVA Spanish night presents to the public a selection with the most relevant body of work developed by six contemporary artists originally from Spain. Manuel Saiz, an artist strongly committed to support audiovisual as artistic expression mean, includes three different works which reveal some of his recurrent interests and personal style. Animation as a tool for contemporary art comes by the hand of Ruth Gomez, in 2D and Damian Perea, in 3D.  Another segment of the show will present a significant selection of works by the worldwide renowned Spanish artist Alicia Framis.   

PROGRAM: (59 minutes)

Manuel Saiz
Being Luis Porcar, 2005, 1’ Spain
Social Sculptures everybody is an artist, 2005, 9’ Spain
Paralell Paradises Ecuador, 2007, 8’ Spain
Jon Mikel Euba
Gowar, 2003-2005, 6’43” Spain
Iñigo Manglano 
FM (0169275275275S) – 2000, 5’33’’ Spain
Ruth Gomez
El artista de la vida moderna, 2003-2004, 1’56” Spain
Alicia Framis
Ajax Football Stadium Ámsterdam 02, 2002, 3’52’’ Spain 
Against Domestic Violence Madrid 03, 2003, 2’46’’ Spain
Secret Strike. Tate Modern. London, 2003, 11’ Spain
Damián Perea 
Podría ser Peor, 1999, 7’, Spain
Locos por el cine, 2003, 3’03’’, Spain 


VIVA Monographic night is dedicated to the Spanish-German artist Ana de Alvear, which body of work plays with psychological archetypes, allowing the viewer to sympathize with the different characters and so to discover the issues that more directly refer to the moment that he is at. Looking into her work taps fundamental questions of the human being, which are smoothly presented through friendly figures staging the disclosure hiding behind.

PROGRAM: (62 minutes)

Ana de Alvear

- The dream of Aksoo, 2003, 15’31’’
From the other side, 2004, 6’
Chinchia’s Voyage, 2004, 11’11’’
Complete Confirmation, 2005, 7’47’’
Cecile’s Difference, 2005, 6’
Nothing ever Happens, 2006, 2’20’’
The comfortable centre, 2007, 5’35’’
Meanwhile … every night, 2007, 3’33’’ 
Without Walls (the art of the possiblee), 2008, 4’03’’

VIVA International selection serves a taste of artists acclaimed worldwide due to their extraordinary talents in the medium. Outstanding animations such as the ones developed by Dutch artists Joost Bakker, Douwe Dijkstra and Floris Kaayk, intermingle with the stop motion techniques of Nathalie Djurberg and the digital manipulations of Brazilian artists Andrezza Valentine & Guilherme Marcondes, bringing the audience to a fantastic sphere were the work of Mariko Mori and Anthony Goicolea can be plausible. 

PROGRAM: (61 minutes)

Joost Bakker
Laagtevrezers, 2004, 3’ Netherlands
Francis Alÿs
- El Gringo, 2003, 4’37’’ Belgium
Sofia Hulten
Animal Refusal, 2006, 2’ Sweden
Douwe Dijkstra
The Washing Machine, 2005, 4’23’’ Netherlands
Anthony Goicolea 
Class Room, 2003, 6’05”, Cuba
Patrick Tuttofuoco
The golden night, 2005, 5’16” Italy
Nathalie Djurberg
The rhinosaurus and the wale, 2008, 4’47” Sweden
Wolfgang Lehmann
Rout to Cape Town, 2005, 5’ Germany
Mariko Mori
Kumano, 1999, 12’ Japan
Rui Calçada Bastos
Same old tune, 2005, 1’49’’ Portugal
Floris Kaayk
Parts, 2008, 2’32’’ Netherlands
Andrezza Valentin & Guilherme Marcondes
- Tyger, 2006, 4’30’’, Brazil
Aili Chen
Niñas, 2006, 2’50’’ Argentina
Narineh Daneghyan
Chalk painting, 2003, 1’ Armenia
Simone Hooijmans
Campsite Hortus, 2004, 1’ Netherlands
Simone Lecca
- Souvenir, 2001, 1’ Italy 


Curated by Macu Moran

Restless (E)motion
 is dedicated to a selection of Spanish artists reflecting on the emotional uneasiness of the human being. According to 20th Century philosopher Ortega y Gasset, each generation represents certain vital sensitiveness, which confronts and develops former ideologies at the same time. An evolution configured under a structural form in which the human mass is receptive and limited to accept or oppose the proposals made by individuals with "avant-garde hearts and alert souls, condemned not to ever be fully understood". This selection tries to upbring diverse matters of interests for a group of talented Spanish artists, mixing those specifically local, but with universal trascendence, with those universal in nature but that are perceived from the point of view of a generation of artists intrinsically attached to the Spanish culture.


Bigas Luna
Collar de moscas, 1'10'', 2002
Fernando Baena
Videos del Deseo, 8', 2010
Chus García-Fraile
Running, 2'43'', 2009
Amparo Sard
Dudando del momento perfecto, 8', 2004
Francesca Llopis
Gotescauen, 2'07'', 2007
Oscar Seco
Heaven came from hell, 5'10'', 2004
Maria José Chinchilla
Transformation, 6'20'', 2008
Maria Cañas
Toro's revenge, 1'49'', 2006
Video Spot Mars, 2'20'', 2008
Evaristo Benítez
Jeux de mains, 2'45'', 2008
Ana de Alvear
Un unsual Mob, 6'22''
Enriqueta Rocher
Under the skin, 4'32'', 2009
Felipe Ortega Regalado
About reconciliation 10, 2'50'', 2010
Cristina Martin Lara
-  Landpartie if, 1'40''
Dionisio Gonzalez
Elegia 1938, 5'34'', 2008
Daniel Silvo
Tecno-olives, 2'05'', 2002
Carmen Espla
Rain, 3'09'', 2007