Participating VAW Artists

Schizo uncopyrighted, 2001, 5'54'' by Diego Lama
Les folies, 2005, 5'25'' by Elena Damiani

Videographics from Peru

A glimpse on the evolution of the medium, interests and researches of an remarkable group of Peruvian artists.

Submitted by: Macu Moran Marcos

Written by: Macu Moran

Start date: 16-06-2010
End date: 16-03-2015
Location: METROPOLIS, RTVE and Fundacion Alianza Hispánica, Madrid
Web URL: http://

c/ San Pedro, 22. 28012, Spain
Opening: June 22, 20hs

On display: until July 4, 2010.

The selection, curated by Macu Moran with the support of iMOTION and Fundación Alianza Hispánica, attempts to show the important contributions that the Peruvian artists have provided to the development of audiovisual.

The audiovisual works on exhibit is listed as follows:

Rafael Hastings“Painted bodies (Cuerpos pintados)”, 1973-1993, 13'59''

Arias & Aragon“Destruction or love (La destrucción o el amor)”, 1998, 4'35''

Francisco Mariotti: “I just can offer you blood (Sólo puedo ofrecerte la sangre)”, 1996-2003, 3'23''

Angie Bonino: “The image”, 2000-2006, 1'43''

Humberto Polar: “Lice (Piojos)”, 2001, 3'25''

Diego Lama: “Schizo uncopyrighted”, 2001, 5'54''

Moico Yaker: “Tapping (Zapateo)”, 2003, 1'47''

Marco Pando: “The king of the mountains (El rey de los cerros)”, 2004-2006, 5'34''

Patricia Bueno: “Still Alive (Naturaleza Muerta)”, 2005, 3'49''

Elena Damiani: “Les folies”, 2005, 5'25''

Grimanesa Amoros: “The parade (La procesión)”, 2007, 4'17''

Alvaro Zavala & Jorge Febrero: “The battle for Peru (La batalla por el Perú)”, 2007, 5'14''

Rudolph Castro: “s/t one, s/t two, s/t three”, 2007, 1'12''

Maria Teresa Ascoy: “As clear as water (Tan claro como el agua)”, 2008, 5'35''

Gloria Arteaga: “Recycling city (La ciudad del Reciclaje)”, 2008, 5'04''

Fravrizzio Suito: “Serotonina”, 2009, 5'25''

Alfredo Velarde: “The real Huaylaca”, 2009, 4'22''

Walter Carbonell“El espejo/las antípodas de Camboya”, 2009, 5'38''

Susana Perrottet“Percepction”, 2010, 20'00''