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iMAGERY DIMENSION · Innovative Art Network

This online network is opened to worldwide participants and presented to our collaborators what includes international curators, galleries, institutions, collectors and related professionals in the Contemporary Art field.

Submitted by: Macu Moran Marcos

Written by: Macu Moran

Start date: 17-10-2011
End date: 22-04-2016
Location: Online
Web URL:




Official presentation will take place Thursday Jan. 9th, at 4pm, within the KINETICA ARTFAIR, located at Ambika P3, 35 Marylebone Street, London NW1 5LS. 

: :  Manifesto  : :


open your imagery dimension :: alternative realities for the industry of thought

> promoting creative endeavors that explore innovative technologies and ideas in collaboration with devoted institutions and professionals under equitable terms. 

> generating and consolidating fair value for contemporary art and innovation, reaching the interest and support of both public and private sectors. 

id+rights> encouraging creators to exercise their rights on authorship using licenses that best suit each specific creation, medium and scope.   

> supporting policies that seek transparency, fair conduct and appropriate procedures among professionals towards a sustainable economy for the intangible. 

: :  Praxis  : :

iMAGERY DIMENSION · Innovative Art Collective is meant to promote those creators who virtuously synthesize innovative technology and outstanding artistic talent within the following categories:

    • Plastic · Painting, graphic, sculpture and installation
    • Graphic · Drawing, illustration and other works on paper
    • Photography · Digital, analog, post production and photomontage
    • Technology · Robotic-art, electronic-art, kinetic-art, bio-art, nano-art, light-art, virtual-art, interactive-art, software-art, game-art, sound-art, engineering-art, data visualization, cyberculture and net-art
    • Audiovisual · Video creation, Expanded painting, expanded photography, performance, video animation, single channel, video installation, experimental cinema, Fiction short-film, animation short-film, documentary and docu-fiction.


: :  Supporters  : :

The idea of opening this international online platform dedicated to all sorts of innovative art praxis, has been supported from its very beginnings by some of the most relevant experts and promoters of innovation within the Contemporary Art Field Worldwide:

    • Brian Apple · Art critic and consultant specialized in contemporary photography, professor at the School of Visual Arts,New York
    • Don Foresta · Director of Multimedia Art Research and Electronic Laboratoires (MARCEL), Paris
    • Geraldine Gomez · Director of audiovisual programs at Centre Pompidou, Paris
    • Rosina Gomez-Baeza · Cultural manager, former director of LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Center, Gijón and former director of ARCO Fair, Madrid
    • Menene Gras · Curator and exhibitions director of Casa Asia, Madrid/Barcelona
    • Gye-Joong Kim · Director of Seoul Experimental Film Festival (EXiS), Seoul
    • Tony Langford · Director of Kinetica Fair, London
    • Amanda MacDonald Crowley · Art Curator and former director of EYEBEAM Art+Technology Center, New York
    • Macu Moran · Art Curator, former new markets director for, New York and director of Digits Without Borders · iMAGERY SPECTRUM, Barcelona/New York
    • Oscar Peyrou · President of Spanish Association of Cinema Press, delegate of The International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) and delegate of the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean (FEDEORA)
    • Berta Sichel · Art curator, former director of audiovisuals for the National Museum Art Center Reina Sofia (MNCARS), Madrid
    • Raul Zamudio · Art critic, writer and curator, former curator of Seoul Media Bienale and professor at John Jay CollegeKean University and Parsons the New School for Design, New York.

: :  Dates : :

Every year there is a new call opened for international artists. You can become a member then by filling in your profile and portfolio. You can register any other time by making a payment of $29 per year.
    • Project Presentation : February 9th, 2012. Kinetica Art Fair, London
    • Official Presentation : March 2nd, 2012. New Technologies Cathedral, Madrid
    • 1st open call: January – March 2012
    • 2nd open call: January – March 2013
    • 3rd open call: January – March 2014
    • 4th open call: January – March 2015


: :  Conditions : :

    • All artists, authors and collectives are welcome to participate, regardless of their nationality or country of residency.
    • English language is the chosen language for the online Collective, therefore English descriptions and subtitles when needed are recommended but not compulsory.
    • Each participant can submit an unlimited number of works and/or projects, with a minimum of 2 works. The participant is responsible for the content published, as well as the authorship and credits disclosed.
    • Works should be innovative regarding techniques, materials and mediums, both digital and analog, as well as the conceptual relevance and technical abilities shown through the author’s  complete body of work, and not through a single work.
    • Applicant will show profile and artistic production trajectory online through the website: Postal mail and/or emails will not be accepted. The organization is not responsible for receiving unwanted materials.
    • Imagery Dimension holds the right to ask for images or excerpts from works for publicity matters.
    • All commercial and intellectual property rights are and will be reserved to the author, who can, at any given time, modify and/or eliminate all his/her data.
    • All participants will have online his/her profile and body of work (fully or partially) active and accessible to public until the deactivation of his/her account.
    • Non-finished projects can also be presented for crowdfunding online proposals.
    • Artists within the network may well be contacted by the network of curators and experts to collaborate in exhibitions, sales and commissioned works projects, always in collaboration with author’s other agencies, producers, distributors and/or galleries.