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How to Format a Literature Review in an Essay

Literature Review in an Essay

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A literature review is a section in any academic document that provides proof of previous research related to what you are doing. Often students would write a literature review to prove they researched a particular subject matter.
Now, why do we insist on the term literature review? Answer this question by taking a look at some of the factors surrounding a literature review. From there, it becomes easy to identify the area that needs further investigation. It helps to find sources that might add value to your work.
Literature reviews enable writers to demonstrate their understanding of the research topic. Even so, there are many other reasons why most scholars fail to format their paperwork as recommended. Let’s find out more from below!
What Is A Literature Review?

A literature review is a description the current knowledge that an individual has concerning a particular subject. A literature review should then provide a list of references with definitions in each source. The contents of the review should include:

  1. The previous studies that were conducted
  2. Objectives
  3. Existing knowledge
  4. Contributions
  5. buy letter of recommendation
  6. Research gaps

When writing a literature review, the writer should survey the published works related to the research. Doing so enables the readers to understand the focus of the study. In addition, it helps to justify why the holder knows the topic is vital to his paper. For instance, a literature review on schizophrenia documented the biological effects of the drug.
Another reason for having a subsection in your literature review that applies across various areas is that it allows individuals to come up with new approaches to their relief work. Another reason for having a separate section for reviewing existing publications is that it offers a clear picture of what is yet to be discovered in that field.
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At times, you might get stuck with the type of information to include in a review. In such situations, it is crucial to ask for help from an expert in that field. Be quick to seek aid from online tutors who have relevant knowledge in that discipline. These tutors will take a look and offer the best guidance to ensure that you produce a top-notch essay.
To replicate the above process, students are advised toWrite the sample section of a dissertation in Microsoft Word or any other software. Then they will paraphrase the data and append their detailed views. Lastly, an instructor will provide a summary that should act as a guide to the whole writing exercise.

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