Born in Valencia (Spain),
Lives & works in (Spain)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

Representative galleries:
Valle Orti

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Video Art Works

Rag Dolls´ Stories (2006)

Vanessa Pastor graduated in Art from the Polytechnical University of Valencia in 2003. In her last year of studies, she obtained a grand to study a BA Photography degree course at the Southampton Institute of Higher Education. At that time she carried out, together with Verónica Montón, a series of works centred on the idea of the body as object, always set in a domestic and everyday context. The Rag Dolls´ Project is the first project she had undertaken single-handed. She has taken part in some fairs and exhibitions in Spain and she is currently developing a line of research that focuses on the construction of the family image, paying attention to issues like lonliness and emotional dependecy.