Born in Toronto (Canada), 1974
Lives & works in Toronto (Canada)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Tasman Richardson is a videomaker, electronic composer, designer, curator, and organizer. Over the past 10 years he has exhibited or performed in Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Egypt, England, France, Finland, Holland, Iceland, Peru, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and The United States.

His work focuses on the spectacle of the tele-visionary existence, video as language, and the re-nification of sound and image. He has performed and collaborated under the aliases M.O.I., JAWA, Pox, FAMEFAME, theblameshifter, IBM, OHVOV, Anvil, Polygon Noose, and Noise-Op. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada. His artworks are available through Vtape, Artcore, Art Metropole, Microcinema International, Ant-zen, and FAMEFAME.