Lives & works in Berlin (Germany)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

Representative galleries:
Magnus Müller

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Video Art Works

Corridor Silent Playground (2005)
White Lies (2007)

In her interdisciplinary works, Susanne Weirich deals with common narrative structures and the interplay between reality and fiction. Her 3-channel video installation White Lies (2007) consists of three synchronously presented but casually combined film sequences, creating a flexible logic, which always represents just one among many possible realities. Inner and outer perception of the figures become an essential part of the projected reality.
In her multi-screen-projection 'Silent Playground', Weirich explores the genre of video games through cinematic aesthetics and the thought process of chance. In 2005, Weirich has installed this video at magnus müller, simulating the experience of moving through virtual spaces and game-like situations of decision-making. Viewers were invited to walk through a series of doorways activating film sequences of randomly selected action scenes in Weirich¹s unfolding narrative. The viewer became responsible for the result of their action. Similar to survival logic computer games, each sequence illustrates two possible endings - good or bad. The visitor was forced too use their imagination and make associations in the open formulated stories. The gallery became a Play Station-like setting and the visitor was a part of the game.