Born in (Peru), 1975
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

I'm self represented

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Video Art Works

Percepcion (2010)
André (2016)

I focus on reading „between the lines“ of our reality. The perception of the unmaterial, conscious and unconscious episodes in daily life, like dreams for instance, have the same importance and value to me. I often start working with documentary material and try to expand its lecture and understanding including my observation of subtle and unexplainable phenomena that escape our senses. The concept of time, the past and future are also an issue to me. Questions about physics and belief arise in my attempt to understand and visualize our perception, its possibilities and limits. With all that I accomplish to read and decipher, I build my own landscape of our reality. 
I work intuitively and in different media: painting, drawing, digital animation, photography und sound.