Born in Gent (Belgium), 1979
Lives & works in (Belgium)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Steve Schepens is an artist and an artists performer who works in several disciplines, such as performing arts, photography, video and visual arts with the use of drawing, installation, mixed media, object, painting, performance and photo.
All the works of Steve Schepens are entitled HORROR with an additional number or subtitle.
The artist incorporates the videos of his performances with cardboard installations into video-sculptures, looking like the old arcade game cabinets in his recent HORRORCABINET.
HORRORCABINET' s premiere was on the Scope artfair 2007 in Miami CIRCA artfair 2008 in Puerto Rico, promoted by Brot.und spiele gallery, Berlin.The HORROR work initially started from the background of painting and its problematics with the image, working on the limits of historical images with different media and building a new perspective. The large site?specific installations are a set for Schepens' live performances amplified by the Belgian metal-band Kruagre. Others form the set for the videos where the artist puts a cardboard box over his head and performs simple (slapstick) actions.
In his recent works the artist returns to painting and incorporates these works into the cardboard installations with direct references to the site. Previous exhibitions include SMAK (BE), Netwerk (BE); Marta (DE); Artnews (DE); Scope artfair, Basel and Miami; and The Residence Gallery, London; and brot.und spiele gallery, Berlin. Future exhibitions include in USA), Queens Nails Annex (USA), BE-PART (BE), brot.undspiele gallery (DE), De Bond (BE)