Born in Tel Aviv (Israel), 1969
Lives & works in Tel Aviv (Israel)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Anita Beckers

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Video Art Works

Dead Sea (2004)
Standing on a watermelon in the Dead Sea (2004)
Dancing for Maya (2004)
Phoenician sand dance (2004)
Barbed Hula (2000)
Hula (2000)

I explore displacement in sculpture and installation; in the way that I use materials, ready-mades, places and stories, in the way I perform with and towards them. I attempt to personally understand social and psychological sub + meta structures, physically (via architecture and my body) and politically (via true narratives). At the time, as my journey developed, I found it increasingly limiting to occupy and exhibit my work in conventional art spaces. This led me to produce a meta-land in two industrial containers. They were 'independent' units. I warped the container's metal floor by hammering it with heat into the form of a hilly landscape inside the containers. The visitors experienced this piece by entering it and exploring/existing -- in this 'meta-land.' The work paradoxically offered entrance to shelter, and also exit to an exile. At this particular point, against most tangible and political odds, my studio, is a harbor [importing/ exporting], still displaced, but able to accommodate, transform, protect and be taken over by the metabolism of the tactile and the total.