Born in Melbourne (Australia), 1958
Lives & works in London (United Kingdom)
Very active in: 80s, 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Video Art Works

Garden of Instruments I (2004)
Garden of Instruments II (2004)
Dreaming Camera (2004)
Plasma Falls (2001)
Third Site (2000)
Still Life (2006)

Artist and composer Schütze was born in Australia and has been living and working in Britain since 1992.

Schütze's earliest experience of making music was much like that of any kid growing up in the early 70s. As a mid-teenager, inspired by the music he was following avidly (Krautrock, Asian classical music, prog, early fusion...) he played in a high-school space rock covers band. A minor biographical footnote, perhaps, but Schütze's choice of instrument was telling, in that he didn't really opt for an "instrument" at all, but a primitive echo chamber. Two decades later, much of it spent playing both percussion and keyboards, Schütze remains embarrassed at the description "musician", feeling that it should be strictly reserved for players who've spent years of study honing their craft, and openly admits that his use of any musical instrument is entirely a means to a compositional end.

His career has included video, print and audio art. As a film score composer, he worked on a number of features and received the AFI Award for Best Original Score. He has also released over 25 jazz and electronic albums on a number of labels, among them Virgin, Rykodisc, Big Cat and Apollo.

The career of ex-pat Australian, London-resident composer, keyboardist and sound designer Paul Schütze has been a remarkably diverse one, there are nonetheless interests, ideas and techniques which run consistently throughout it. In his work of video, sound and photography, Paul Schütze, explores often the relationship between Architecture, sound, and the navigation of memory and awareness.