Born in Wroclaw (Poland), 1979
Lives & works in Wroclaw (Poland)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Anita Beckers

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Video Art Works

Aoux (2004)
Arbuz (2003)
Barszcz (2004)
Fruehherbst (2005)
Warum ich keine Ballerina wurde (2003)

My works are sketches, nothing big, no secrets, no instructions. They are self-observations, a reflection of the I itself; Notes from the personal, private realm, without a narrative flux. I am in search of images that generate insights in the reality of human being: dolefulness, vitality, Eros, misery. At the same time, I believe in the power of subversive questioning, in intractable, ceaselessly manner, as if there exists a satisfactory answer. Actually, it is always a turning point: the question is, how far do I have to go, to abstract a thing of myself, to review it on universality? What happens, when one continues at a point, where something is normally finished, when one transgresses, where one otherwise stops? What happens, when despite a pre-programmed failure, one confronts oneself with the original fear of human failure? Are we pressed or even overwhelmed by the mental situation of our opponent? On one hand, I am observing an obscenity of the desire of public avowal and at the same an immense timidity to open up thoughts and feelings, on the other side. My body is not as it should be as an actor or a dancer: passive re-active, as if it does not exist in the moment of creation, but offering a lot of resistance leading me to my limits. I consciously determine myself on the elementary impact of simplest movements and concentrate myself on an idea, I renounce illustrative, amusing elements and thereby disregard the expectation of the audience regarding the theatrical and spectacular moments. Rhythmic exercises, endless receptions, simplest actions ? they are like examples or rituals ancient cultures, they transfer the performer and the audience together in a different state of mind, away from daily life. Through this, the observer is able to feel the coherence, the transcendental behind the sheer cliché of a figure. Self-profiling as initial point becomes dissolved, step by step. My aim is to defuse the extremes, until there are no differences between abstraction and figuration anymore and the pose and the poetry fuse into another. And achieving a state without purpose.? (Patrycja German)