Lives & works in Los Angeles (United States)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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In an interview Patrick Halm describes his films as following.
My films are non-narrative. Poetry, modern symphonic music and the rich varied history of the cinema influence my work. I have a fascination with film's ability to emulate the subconscious thought process. By layering image and sound fragments over each other physically and temporally I create a charged span of time. I am interested in creating films where the present does not devour the past and the future, but rather expands the present moment to give a sense of the whole time line as one thought. Above all, my films create a space where viewers can exercise their imagination and form their own conclusions.

Patrick Halm has worked several times with the artist Marie Rafalko.

Of his most famous movies are.

Humpty Dumpty (1992, 12 min, 16mm, Sound, B&W, Canyon)
In the Land of Giants (1997, 20 min, 16mm, Sound, Color, Canyon)
Journey to the Center of the Earth (1994, 12 min, 16mm, Sound, Color, Canyon)
The Poisonous Bear (1988, 9.5 min, 16mm, Sound, Color, Canyon)
Thick as Thieves (1996, 20 min, 16mm, Sound, Color, Canyon)