Born in (Argentina),

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The Candidate (2012)

Pablo Polledri is an independent filmmaker that enjoys carrying out all processes necessary to develop his creations. He has independently done several short films that have been exhibited at film festivals from all around the globe.   Filmography:
Sharp Destiny (2003)
Resignation (2003)
The Last Trip (2006)
Ella (2006)
The Sinners (2007)
Remembering (2007)
Too Late for Tears (2007)
The half of Love (2008)
Tobacco-western (2009)
Essence (2009)
Repulse (2010)
Aversion (2010)
The God Machine (2011)
Apple Pie (2011)
The Candidate (2012)
Moments (2012)
Mr. Gutierrez (2013)
Synecdoche (2014)
Corp. (2016)