Born in Posadas (Argentina), 1941
Lives & works in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Very active in: 70s, 80s

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His work has been seen in international group exhibitions including the 1982 Venice Biennial, CAYC (Center for Art and Communication) in Buenos Aires, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago, Chile, and the 1997 Havana Biennial, as well as in venues in Italy, Ireland, and France.

Oscar Bony was one of the precursors of conceptual art in his country. At the end of the 60s he was interested in making provocative political art, relating social with aesthetics, transgressing the established order.

For a long period he lived in Italy and was invited to participate and show his work at the Venice Biennial, not returning to Argentina before the end of the 80s. Once there, his work started to reflect about memory, with a strong autobiographic content.

Bony's solo exhibitions in recent years include 'Brick and Cement Wall' (Pared de Ladrillo y Cemento), an installation at the Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires; 'Objects of Love and Violence' (Objectos de Amor y Violencia) at the Filó Art Space in Buenos Aires, The Most (El Límite), a performance at the 1995 Venice Biennial, and 'Executions and Suicide' (Fusilamientos y Suicidios) at the Federico Jorge Klemm Foundation in Buenos Aires.