Born in Tel Aviv (Israel), 1973
Lives & works in Tel Aviv (Israel)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

Representative galleries:
Dollinger Art Project

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Video Art Works

A Glass of Water (2004)
Stokata #1 (2005)
A Girl in White (2004)
Small Talk (2001)

Ohad Milstein, MFA Bezalel Academy of Art, BFA in Film and Television, Tel Aviv University, where he also teaches, is an artist who deals mainly in film and television. In his video works he transforms the camera into an intimate, violent tool. Within a closed frame and a small, limited artistic act he reveals the complexity and volatility of the need to be seen and be exposed. The pleasure in showing yourself, introducing yourself, being seen and prominent, is transformed within the nine minutes and nine seconds of Milstein's work into a violent, difficult experience, and the viewer becomes a party to the implemented violence, while having to accept the role of voyeur in order to watch the work. Milstein's work can serve as a metaphor not only to the relation of the view in a cinematic, televised world, but also to the relationship between those wishing to show themselves and reality and the reality of the look. A metaphor of artists wanting to be seen by the world, reality and an audience, where the pleasure derived from showing yourself as an artist can quickly turn into a difficult, violent experience that calls for reducing oneself again.