Born in London (United Kingdom),
Lives & works in (United Kingdom)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Nigel Peter Lindley's Experience - Neu-form Video/Communications
Jabber Heist
(Public Relations and Communications industry) - November 2008 - Present - Video/Animation/3D Designer
(Design industry) - January 2000 - Present - Director
(Media Production industry) - January 1991 - January 1996
Music Video   About Jabber Heist Jabber Heist is a series of fast, furious and intense neu-form moving image art works, that defy what was used to be called video art or what was once called experimental film. You won't have seen anything like what goes on in Jabber Heist but the thoughts provoked, you will be accustomed to: sarcasm, love and anarchy, parallax, identity and celebrity, ornaments with broken heads, being a man as opposed to boy, time passing by at the same speed as a video tape and the noise of joint pleasures with an apple. The series runs like a track running order of separate tracks, from 50second crippled boy pushing time by to the 3minute argument between two boys wanting to be idols, from the 1minute playing with eyesight to the 4minute story of a young woman, from the 4minute mother who wants to be close to her son to the 2minute question of anarchists being inlove. The Jabber Heist series gives a new form of what was previously known as video or film art. Jabber Heist gets straight to the point. Each separate "jabber" is designed to be instantaneously understood, without mess, within noise and without wasted time. Rich in imagery and balanced with heavily placed image layers and interacting screenspace, Jabber Heist stimulates, using what was commonly called video and film footage but is now called sculptural video, using what can just about be called animation but now is called digital marks and using what looks like graphic art but is now called sign. In addition the total experience of Jabber Heist is completed with a counterpoint of voiceand speed driven sound, similar to what was once called music. The aim of producing Jabber Heist Series for release September 2010 and then to produce follow-up Right Here, Right Now to be released in January 2011 is to present a collection of works that communicate a range of personal and social small "p" and capital "P" politics.   Jabber Heist uses random references, much like the cut-up nature of our own random thoughts as we think silently of what is bothering or pleasing us, our relationship to others and their effect upon us and what to do next. All this is within and amid the "noise" of external signs and messages from our technology and physical environment. In this situation it is possible to think about understanding a lover, with then a jump cut to thinking about sid vicious, while noticing a boy, in a wheel chair, who can't walk, passing you by in the street and straight then after its possible to cut to a billboard hoarding featuring a woman who has ananarchy sign drawn on her leg. All this and to add, you may have answered the phone twice, or sent a text, while listing to nick cave on your headphones. This is the "noise" in which the Jabber Heist Series was allowed. Jabber Heist was created by a collection of observational video marks instead of the written marks of poetry or the pencil marks of drawing. There is free association between thought, that allows separate connections to exist together, and because of the hyper speed and randomness of Right Here, Right Now concentration span the works in Jabber Heist do not to occupy time for too long nor exceed their welcome. Jabber Heist deliberately uses references to popular and mass culture, personal and the collective experience. Jabber Heist intentionally considers viewing time, duration and the passing of information, as messages, messages with quick reference meaning, without dragging the point. Nigel Peter Lindley is currently working on the last works Right Here, Right Now, which is a more acute follow up to Jabber Heist Series.   Jabber Heist is available for public screening on DVD / Data File. Duration: 23 minutes. For Jabber Heist On-line Preview: