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Naomi Uman is a hands-on filmmaker: for Leche (1998), a study of a Mexican dairy farm, the California artist processed 16-millimeter footage in a bathtub; for her coy Removed (1999) she bleached away the contours of a naked woman from the frames of a '70s porn film; and in Hand Eye Coordination (2002) she shows her own hands scratching the emulsion off the celluloid. Whether milking a cow, dialing a rotary phone, or masturbating, women's hands abound in these impish reveries, which are accompanied by nonsynchronous montages of found sound. Most beguiling is Private Movie (2000), which mixes imagery of sparklers, neon signs, and a shirtless hunk with a luminous groin. Two more titles--Grass (1998) and Developing Memory (2002)--bring the total running time to an hour, though Uman will bring additional works to the screening.