Born in (Spain), 1977
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

Represented by gallery: Galería Cinabrio

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Video Art Works

LifE=mc2 (2006)
When wild instincts revive, predator sharpens the knife (2007)

  Macu Morán is an artivist, cultural researcher and philanthropist, whose ultimate purpose has been creating and promoting sustainable models for the cultural industries in the digital era that can help producing a significant change in our society.

  Seriously committed to the evolution of humanity through sensitivity and innovation, she has expanded her projects into a variety of specialized areas within the contemporary art field.

  In 1998 she started researching the impact and possibilities of Internet for the art industry, in order to conclude her thesis “The Philosophic, Economic and Commercial Challenges for the Art market in the Digital Era”, for her International Business major at the Erasmus University of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam.

  Afterwards she continued her theoretical engagement with Art History bachelor’s studies at the Autonomous University of Madridas well as through her participation at the modules of Art Criticism from the Master on Art Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid, the Fine art Appraisal and Cataloguing studies offered at the New York University, and the MA in Audiovisual Arts organized by the MACBA Museum and Ramon Llull University of Barcelona.

  Primarily interested in net-art, in early 2001 she committed to the extraordinary · Art Market worldwide project, which strongly helped bringing transparency to the obscure procedures in which the art market was submerged prior to the internet flow of information, and tremendously expand fine art digital access to all Internet users.

  After almost a decade as Director of New Markets for in New York, her broad interest in technology-based art, brought her to establish the · iMagery Motion project, in order to create, set and promote the international standards, commonly accepted worldwide today, for the appropriate valuing, disseminating, collecting and preserving of intangible artistic creations. The utmost goal of this project has been to strength the interest towards the revolutionary videoart, medium for both, art producers and consumers, and so cultivate a more reflective and critic society in itself.

  Furthermore, she has developed other net-art communities, under the umbrella of iMagery Spectrum · Progressive Projects, a complex of virtual architectures developed towards an appropriate thrive of humanity, based on the study and support of its cultural production.

  Such is the case of · Innovative Artists Community, focused on relating artists working in 3-Dimensional works that innovate in materials and technologies, in fields such as Electronic-art, Bio-art, Robotic-art, Net-art, Software-art, Light-art, Nano-art, Audiovisual and other digital mediums. The network encourages creators to exercise their rights on authorship, using the licenses that best suit each specific creation, medium and scope.

  iMagery Hamptons · Local Community Culture was founded to represent a specific community imagery, through the collaboration of its artists and local business.  As a handcrafed digital cartography, this proper fusion of creativity and technology generates an inspirational source on the life and textures of a given region ecosystem.

  Her experience as curator started at DiVA Fairs New York and Paris, followed by several editions of Barcelona Art Contemporary Festival (BAC!) and VIVA Collections on tour.  She has presented exhibition programs and lectures in diverse international venues, such as MANIFESTA European Roaming Biennial, Art|Basel Fair, Centre Pompidou Paris, Fundació Joan Miró Barcelona, MMCA Korean National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul, Hara Museum Tokyo, CCCB Barcelona, Museum Wilfredo Lam Havana, Casa Asia Barcelona, ICP New York, Fundación Marcelino Botin Santander, Cervantes Institute New York and Madrid, Arts Santa Monica Barcelona, Fundación Suñol Barcelona, Fundación Alianza Hispánica Madrid, University of Córdoba, WHITE BOX New York, Kinetica London, Technarte Bilbao and the Festivals Rencontres Internationals, EXiS Seoul, Mouvart Marseille, Bang Barcelona, Experimenta Sao Paulo, MadAttack Madrid, Big Screen Plaza New York, Musiclip Barcelona, WeArt Barcelona, International Film Festival of Soria, VideoAkt Biennial Barcelona, etc. 

  As critic Macu Moran has developed a number of essays on art economy, the industry of intangible, perception in art and science, audiovisual art approaches and technologies, appropriation in art, Internet as a universal archive, the art of ideology and spirituality in contemporary art. Some of her curations and texts can be found at

  Recently, her research is focused towards the importance of creativity in the development of consciousness, studying the intensive summer course of the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona on Art Therapy, the Cognitive, Sensorial, Motor and Psychomotor Development course offered at Sigma Formacion, as well as various alternative imagery therapies towards a holistic human thrive.  Within this field, she is nowadays preparing the project iMagerySchool · Linguistic and Creative Development.

  Besides these internet-based artistic projects, as a plastic artist she keeps researching into different mediums, including writing poetry, outsider drawing and painting, hand and digital processing color photography, experimental sound, super 8, 3D modeling, 2D animation, bioart, arduino robotics, apps creation, metal working, woodcarving, jewelry and porcelain modeling sculpture.

  Inspired in the crossroads of art, science and spirituality, the artist appeals to instincts and sensitivity as avenues for input of higher realities, forerunners of human evolution.

  Considering herself an outsider artist, she is committed to express her concept of The Organic Code, the cannon that, according to her, operates as catalyst of our multi-Universal existence as the ultimate essence of Beauty, Math and Science, beyond the frontiers of current understanding. Obsessed to capture this ethereal order that structures coherence, Macu Morán’s works might differ in shapes and techniques, but are loyal to a pronounced style, engaged with light and in love with subtle complexities such as colors personalities and soul dynamics.

   With this aim, she insightfully articulates visual and sound elements that match the universality of these ideas, in an effort to reveal the cardinal directions of galactic activity and the centripetal energies that define our particular destiny. 

  The ever-increasing possibilities that innovative materials and technology breakthroughs allow fosters her curiosity and discerning nature, letting her produce highly sensorial visual experiences. Wandering around her expressions enables to visualize a mirror effect to see the whole in the fragment and the fragment in the whole, perceiving patterns of the organic code and the golden ratio, candidly astonished by the harmony, equilibrium and symmetry that nature wit provides us with in so many aspects of our existence. 

  Her praxis overwhelms science with its generous imagination, braiding aesthetic luminous images with sociological backgrounds, in a garden of spheres, lights, colors, curves and cuts, which looking familiar wrap us up in a frequency as real as abstract.   Her particular ability to create alterative realities pursuing the continuum flux that rules the micro and macrocosms, inherent to logic but of an incorporeal nature, helps discovering thrilling connections when transferring it to the social dimension. This strong commitment with the multifaceted development of contemporary human being cognitive faculties shows her far-sighted approach to art.

  Macu Morán co-creates seeking cosmic validation, which formal empathy with nature easily seduces the viewer, invited to navigate through her cerebral fantasy, heading towards fascinating suggestions and sensible melodies for the senses.


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