Born in Santander (Spain), 1976
Lives & works in Santander (Spain)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Video Art Works

Imagine (2001)
Autorretrato (2005)
Dishwasher (2005)
Muñecas (2004)
Well (2003)
En busqueda de la eternidad (2002)
My mate paul (2002)
Suchen (2002)
Mi casa (2002)
Rubi Banana (2003)
Trabajo (2002)
Moviecuadro (2002)
Cimetiere a Paris (2003)
Enrere (2003)
Sin Titulo 2 (2003)
Davidson (2000)
Don Quijote (2005)
Verredeau (2006)
Diminuta (2006)
Make up (2005)
El Corte Ingles (2005)
Ombra (2005)
Hotel (2005)
London? (2005)
Dream (2005)
Dune (2005)
Letra Pequeña (2005)

Visual artist working only with video. The Bezeta's work is simple and direct. His videos approach topics from his allday-life, little tells about his personal reflections, his walking, his daily routine, little poetic dissertation about quite simple topics. All this with a very personal optic, whose visual approximation surprises for his freshness and unpredictability. There is almost not separation between work and life. Although the simplicity of his works, is clear his interest in searching the experimentation in the images and the topics, trying to overwork each new work. The work intention, between video-art and cinema, is telling stories with many layers in them, more complex than they can seem.