Born in New York (United States), 1903
Decease on 1972 in New York

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American artist Joseph Cornell was born in New York and lived with his mother and his brother Rober who had cerebral palsy, and was also his best friend who he looked after. He attended Phillips Academy in Massachusetts and at an early age developed a taste for literature, opera and collecting memorabilia.

A turning point in his artistic career was finding the Julien Levy Gallery where he met Surrealist artists and writers that made an impression on him. It was also in this gallery where he had his first group exhibition, showing his constructions of found objects in the early 30s.

Always interested in film and cinematic techniques, he made a number of movies, including the collage film Rose Hobart (ca. 1936) and wrote two film scenarios. One of these, Monsieur Phot (1933), was published in 1936 in the book Surrealism.

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