Born in Wien (Austria), 1984
Lives & works in Berlin (Germany)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Video Art Works

The Gestural Abject: Myspacedotcom (2009)
The Knowledge of Liberty  (2009)

Johanna Bruckner is born in Vienna in 1984, currently lives in Berlin and Vienna. New work explores the interface between art and visual cultures and investigates the relationship between public space and society by focusing on its urban, social and cultural architecture that defines the city as a multi-tiered cosmos.

Videos and video installations mediate how culture is liable to subjective definition, and explore the differentiated definition and the manifold possibilities to appropriate space by actively integrating the audience into the art work. Through this background of reflection on a theoretical area in the field of visual cultures, in which projects are thematically incorporated, it can be shown how scientific matters interact with artistic practice.

This also represents the diversity in her art works: participation, orchestration and embodiment happens according to a broad, discursive forming of reality, represented within the artistic practice. She has exhibited in contemporary art festivals and shows across Europe and the US, has recently been included in LOOP 09' Barcelona (in collaboration with Steckbauer), is invited to the 10th Barcelona Contemporary Art Festival, and received International Research Grants for independend research at the University of Fine Arts Berlin (2009/10). Bruckner is represented by Kuma Galerie Berlin.


    A (his)tory of audiovisual contemporary art made by women (1944-2009)