Born in Cáceres (Spain), 1975
Lives & works in Málaga (Spain)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Javier Roz was born in Plasencia, Spain in 1975. He studied medicine from 1995-2000, then dedicated himself to art. He studied photography in 1998/1999 under the direction of photographer Miguel Angel Toro, then later studied cinema, mainly short films. He learned engraving in 2001 under Luis Astuy at the P.A. Grabados studio in Malaga.

Today he works and lives In Malaga and exhibited for the first time in France with 56 of his engravings in Saint-Herblain-Nantes in 2007. A multi-disciplinary artist, Javier Roz is self-taught, passionate about poetry. He expresses himself through his engraving, drawing, photography and video. Furthermore, Javier Roz has illustrated several books, Pedro Casariego's "Que mas da".

His different medias permit him, with emphasis sometimes and always with subtly, to construct stories or to illustrate personal experiences. He is inspired by Beckett, Cioran and Cezanne. His work is the realization of a project that is born from an image or from a simple idea. The artist explores the world and reflects on the bias' of its overflowing creativity. Thirteen solo exhibitions, essentially in Spain (Sevilla, Malaga, Madrid) have been dedicated to this young talented artist and Roz has already participated in more than 30 collective artistic events (graphic art and others). The artist has come first in several competitions (in 2004 he received the special prize 'Young Andalucian Artists') and some of his works are in the collection of museums in Italy, Spain and France. His engravings, with collages of transparent rhodoid film, are often enhanced by hand.

The artist, passionate about new methods of communication, created a blog on his own work, a space open to various subjects that interest him. Like Christian Bozon, he belongs to "Taller Gravura", the engraving studio of Paco Aguilar in Malaga, whose tutorage he has worked under since 2001. Javier Roz often writes for the "Salamandria", a literary revue of the south of Spain, and is an assistant professor at a photography school in Malaga.


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