Born in Tsukuba (Japan), 1968
Lives & works in Düsseldorf (Germany)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

Representative galleries:
Studio La Città

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Video Art Works

Bloom (2006)
Family Portrait (2001)

Masuyama is Japanese and, no doubt, his particular cultural tradition encourages him to wed the most up-to-date technology to a holistic and aesthetically limpid vision of the world and the actions on it of time. Since 1995 he has studied and lived in Germany, and his work evidences a detached though not alienated vision of what, for a northern European, is monotonous normality: in video the Nordic seasons pass and begin again in a swift, miniaturized cycle; a light-box reveals an urban park throughout the year, its forms unfurled in time and illuminated with a light that seems the ghost of each day that has passed.