Born in Barcelona (Spain),
Lives & works in Barcelona (Spain)
Very active in: 80s, 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Video Art Works

Gotescauen (2007)

Since 1981 Francesca Lopis has been exhibiting paintings and sculptures in the galleries and museums of different European cities. The spaces she creates as non-places are identified by the artist as figures of her own identity. Since 2002 she has made more than 15 video art pieces that have been presented at art festivals in the field.


  • In the mood for today
    What day is today? How to define Monday? What is a Thursday? What are Saturdays like? What meanings does each day evoke in the collective imagination? How is today defined?
  • Restless (E)Motion
    Spanish artists reflecting on the emotional uneasiness of the human being