Born in (United States), 1978

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Video Art Works

Circa-Navigation (2015)
Just Deserts (2 minute segment) (2016)

Flounder Lee grew up on a farm in Alabama, started school for Aerospace Engineering but received his BFA in photo from the University of Florida in 2003 and his MFA in Studio Art from Cal State Long Beach in 2007. He is an artist/educator/curator who is an Assistant Professor of Studio Art and Photography at American University in Dubai.   Flounder’s work has been shown extensively both nationally and internationally including Barcelona Art Contemporani 11; Documentation: Photography as Witness at the University of Maine; Bewegterwind (Moved Wind) in Hesse Germany, and Re/Move at Foto, kino i video savez Vojvodine in Novi Sad, Serbia.   He has curated numerous exhibitions such as Double Vision: A Dual Channel Video Festival, Mapable, and TPS Reports: Performance Documents. He founded then directed SpaceCamp MicroGallery in Indianapolis, Indiana for three years.   The intersections between public and private, art and life, history and the present, among others, inform his artwork which is usually video, sound, photo, installation, and/or performance based. His personal work involves lens-based mapping and often investigates post-colonialism, borders, and/or environmental topics. His curatorial work often overlaps these topics but explores a much wider range of media than his personal work.