Born in Pamplona [Iruña] (Spain), 1979
Lives & works in Valencia (Spain)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

Representative galleries:
Valle Orti

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Video Art Works

Five Quite Brief Videos (2008)

Usually, I intend to expound the triangle of the object-sculpture-body into little pieces with the intention that it be a bit humorous and non-solemn. These works look for the smaller distance between reality and its result. I always use daily contexts that are minimally altered by gestures or by editing. I'm interested in the process and in the actions that I am forced to do in the construction of the video. I work with different disciplines and I approach them with an amateur attitude. In the case of video, I do not use much more than cut and paste, like in "Estados Alterados (banco)" and "Turista". In "Paisaje Ácido" and "Hoy Hay Horca," the intervention is technically more complicated but more obvious at a visual level. "Hoy Hay Horca" refers to the day in which it was made, the same day as the execution of Sadam Hussein. The use of fuchsia draws a transverse line through a few works. "Toda La Ropa" is a permutation of all the trousers and shirts that I brought with me when I was moving homes under slightly forced circumstances.