Born in (Peru), 1980
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

Represented by gallery: Galería del Paseo
Punta del Este

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Video Art Works

Tempus Fugit (2013)
Nude Descending a Staircase (2007)

Diego Lama is part of a second generation of young artists that have been developing an intense activity in the field of electronic art in Peru, while this new generation handles different codes from their predecessors, in the case of Diego Lama, the most evident feature in his visual language relates to the imagery and thought-process of cinema, which has strongly influenced his artwork and career. This visual language is not only noticeable by the inclusion of scenes appropriated from films or in the eloquence of his video pieces, but most notably evidenced by the cleanliness, which is characteristic of films, which has been absorbed by the visual arts in the past few years.

Through his work, Lama addresses, explores and questions the confrontation between sex and death using as a platform different gender issues. In order to approach these concerns, a fundamental part of his proposal is to stablish a dialogue with the viewer, and to achieve this through visual narrative. Nonetheless, his practice have been heavily influenced by academic painting, thus, the use of Mise-en-scène is continuously present in the creation his work. This has led him to experiment with several aspects inherent to the media, fueling an hybridization with other art forms such as performing arts and cinema. Ultimately the utilization of different formats (from small format videos to large format public interventions) pretends to achieve various degrees of complicity with the viewer.

Since his first solo show in 2005, he has exhibited extensively and his work has been published, aired and exhibited in several countries and international biennials, such as the Habana Biennale; the Ventosul Biennial; the Prague Contemporary Art Triennial and The Moving Image Biennale in Buenos Aires. Lama was the recipient of several prizes, fellowships and distinctions, between them the HIVOS program in Netherlands, the Fundación Carolina fellowship in Spain, the Visiting Arts program in England, the Videofest Great Prize in USA and the Petrobras Prize in Argentina. His work is included in several international collections such as the Taylor Museum, in USA; the Videobrasil archive; the Caixa Forum and the IVAM museum in Spain, the Cervantes Institute in Munich, the Wifredo Lam Center in Cuba, and several private collections.


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