Born in La Grange (United States), 1875
Decease on 1948 in Hollywood

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He began his career as a playwright, then he became an actor having a little success in the motion pictures business. Soon after he began directing.

D.W. Griffith is considered a visionary, a master, and in Charles Chaplin´s own words"The teacher of all of us." He is credited for inventing new techniques in film grammar, putting great effort and care in lightning, camera placement , camera movement , film editing and he is also credited for inventing the "close up" shot.

In 1910 he and his company travelled to California and discovered a little town called Hollywood to make their movie in. In Old California is the first movie shot in this mythic city.

Between 1908 and 1913 he produced 450 short films.

Influenced by a European feature film Cabiria from Italy, Griffith was convinced that feature films could be financially viable. He produced and directed the Biographical feature film Judith of Bethulia, one of the earliest feature films to be produced in the United States.

Through David W. Griffith Corp. he produced The Clansman (1915), which would later be known as The Birth of a Nation and was immensely popular at the time of its release. Griffith was a highly controversial figure.

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