Born in Tel Aviv (Israel), 1973
Lives & works in (Israel)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

Representative galleries:
Tavi Dresdner

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Video Art Works

Disengagement (2008)
The Museum (2008)
The Dreamers (2004)

Post Graduate Diploma- Electronic Imaging-Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art- Dundee, Scotland

BA Graphic Design Camberwell College of Art, London

Foundation Art & Design Camberwell College of Art London

Musrara Jerusalem school of photography and media (1999-2005)
Technology Teaching College Kalisher Tel Aviv (2004, 2006)
Oranim College (2004)
Tel Chai College (2001)
Camera Obscura Tel Aviv (1999-2000)

Exhibitions and Screenings
2004 Last Moments Haifa Museum of Art
2004 Back to the Sea - Rosenfeld Gallery Tel Aviv
2002 ?Sing Me a Song and Tell me Your Story? with Marc Lafia Digital Art Lab Holon, Group Shows & Screenings
2006 "Disengagement" Tel Aviv museum of Art, Israel
Video Trip ?Hole in the Fence?, & ?The House by the Wall? - Rosenfeld Gallery Spam Kalisher Gallery Tel Aviv
Photographing Motherhood Tel Aviv Opera House
Three Cities Against the Wall Tel Aviv, Ramallah, New York
Playground The New Gallery Jerusalem ?Independence Day?
? ARCIPELAGO ?International Film Festival Rome ?The Dreamers?

VideoZone- The exhibition; Israeli Biennale for Video Art; ?The Dreamers? Jewish Film Week Vienna
Backup_festival. New media in film- Weimar, Germany
6e Manifestation Internationale Video et Art lectronique, Montreal
26th Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier, ?Submersions?
New Media Festival of Bangkok, ?Time with Franz?
Artis Israeli Art Week Jewish Museum NY
Filmwinter Stuttgart Film Festival, ?Time with Franz?
The Promise the Land ,OK Contemporary Art, Linz Austria ?Sing Me a Song and Tell me Your Story?
Ruins Revisited- Time for Art Gallery ?Hells Angels?
Zoom in Zoom out ?Hells Angels? Cineclub Spazio Comune, Rome
Air Time, Presentation of works 1998- 2002 Herzelia Museum of Art, Israel
AB Gallery in Centro Multimedia, Mexico City. ?What I saw There Art in General Video Marathon ?What I saw There?.
Homemade Orensanz Foudation Center for the Arts, NY , ?Hells Angels?
Local Time #5 Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Cinematech ?Hells Angels?
Video Trip ?Clay? - Rosenfeld Gallery
Journey Fragments Kalisher Gallery Tel Aviv ?Way of Life?
Voyeurism - Zira Theater Jerusalem ?What I saw There?
Shadot, Arab and Jewish women exhibition, the Villa Tel Aviv ?Not One too many?
Mediterra micro museum Greece- Hungry- Germany ?Place?
Local Time #4 Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Cinematech ?Grounded?
Pomegranates ; Israeli Museum forum touring
Miliu Makom. Yanko Dada Museum Ein Hod, Israel
Utopian Nightmares Outer Limits video Festival NY, NY
Video Library the Office Gallery Tel Aviv ?Place?
?4? group exhibition Populous gallery Tel Aviv ?Becoming?
Shades in Dance festival, Susan Dalal theater Tel Aviv ?Moving in a Maze?
Open Video festival ?SoaPoem? 1st Prize Video Art, -Cinematech Tel Aviv
Local Time #1 Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Cinematech ?Place?

Artist Residencies
2006 Routes... reports from the land of dreams with artist Secil Yarcel, initiated by independent curator Mr. Harm Lux, Berlin. www.harmlux.net
2005 Hotel Pupik Schrattenberg / St. Lorenzen bei Scheifling, Austria http://www.hotelpupik.org/
2004 Labor "Multiple Being" artist and scientist lab TQW Vienna, Austria
2003- OK center for Contemporary Art, Linz 3 month residency & scholarship http://www.ok-centrum.at
2001 Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida USA filmmaking residency with Alan Berliner and Andrea Weiss. http://www.atlanticcenterforthearts.org/
2000 Polar Circuit 3,Rovenimi, Finland Lapland