Born in Tunis (Tunisia), 1953
Lives & works in New York (United States)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Born French in Tunis, Tunisia
Grew up in Nice, France before arriving to States
1984 - 1986 Lives and works in Berlin, while keeping residence in New York City
1986 - 1991 Lives and works in Munich, while keeping residence in New York City
1992 - 2008 Lives and works in New York City
VIDEO ART 70's till now Anton Perish, Cable interviews of exhibitions and performances.
1979 "Justine and the Boys" Starring Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Alan Jones, Taro Suzuki, Jim Sutcliffe (Colette impersonator), Kevin Teare, Lisa Amande, Judy Ross, Douglas Turnbaugh, Steve Corns, John Giordano, Joe Lewis. Filmed by Robert Polidiri
1980 "Fuck Art - Let's Dance". Homemade video with Rudolf. Danceteria. Filmed by Elizabeth Cannon
1981 Justine and the Shades at Danceteria. Filmed by Wolfgang Staehle.
79 -82 Michael Auder. Documentation of Colette's home office, living environment and window performances
1983 "Art on Stage". Danceteria. Filmed by Wolfgang Staehle and Ingo Gunter
1984 Vido Wansee Berlin, Michael Morris & Vincent Trasov
Paul Tschinkel, "Colette the Artist" Documentary
"Non Je Ne Regrette Rien" ("Tearing Down the Walls of my Living Environment") with Dana Simmons.
1995 Charlie Ahearn, " In Preparation of the Salon". In the House of Olympia
1997 "Hold on, I am on my way". Colette and J Engel . Berlin
2001 Enzio Capio. "Portrait of the Artist in her studio"
2006 "Lumiere's Downtown Breakdown". Filmed by Walter Falco
2007 "After hours" with Caroline and Lexi. Munich
COLLECTIONS 1973 Larry Aldrich Museum
1976 Brooklyn Museum
1986 Ludwig Museum, Cologne
1993 MOCA, LA
1992 Guggenheim, NY
1992 Ludwig Museum, Cologne
1993 Newport Harbor Museum, LA
1997 Berlin Museum of Art
MONOGRAPHICS colette - 10 years of work politi- roceed - 81
colette - from silk to marble- kunstler haus bethanien - 84
colette - new paintings and work--kammerer&unverzagt- 85
colette - art on stage - nordorn museum germany- 85
colette - the bavarian adventure--dumont-88
colette - colette love in ruins/ the artist and her muse- rempire gallery- 92
colette - the essence of olympia-institut- berlin- 97
colette - the new me- maison de la lumiere -carol johnssen- 2002
colette - kunstler kritisches lexicon der gegenwartskunst- weltkunst verlages-2004