Born in Saint Paul (United States), 1966
Lives & works in (United States)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

Representative galleries:
Magnus Müller

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Video Art Works

County Line (2004)
Crush Collision (2006)
Shotgun Landscape (2007)
Barn Razor (2005)
Deep North (2008)

The American artist Chris Larson is best known for his extravagant, wooden and large-sized machineries which remind us of torture devices from the inquisition period. These bizarre constructions from "another time" take often center stage in his videos which ­ enriched by elements from the mythology, magic, gospel music, farming and neurology ­ create a"³black romantic" stage setting full of references to art history (Bruegel, Fuessli, Piranesi, Caspar David Friedrich or Barnett Newmann), religious metaphors, fables (Franz Kafka) and sexual allusions. Often there is a main actor, presented as a "slave of technology", who conducts the complex apparatus, mixing together different liquids and substances while living through a undefinable state of joy and pain. It is left to the viewer's imagination to find out what the real function of the machinery might be and which consequences its operating could have. Besides the videos, Larson realizes large wooden constructions and objects which often refer to the exhibition space or create a connection between outside and inside space.