Born in Barcelona (Spain), 1964
Lives & works in Barcelona (Spain)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

Representative galleries:
Rita Castellote
I'm self represented
Barcelona (Spain)

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Video Art Works

Mask (2010)
Kagami (2009)

César Ordóñez, photographer and video artist, was born in Barcelona. His work inquires into the relationship between humans beings and the spaces we inhabit. With an intimate, sensual and often introspective look. Exploring how our thoughts, feelings and attitudes influence our environment and the daily evolution of societies in which we live, and vice versa.

For over fifteen years he combined his professional activity as a fashion and advertising photographer with his artistic career growth. In that period, during eight years, he was part on the board of the Professional Photographers Association of Spain. From 2007 to the present, he develops his personal projects between Tokyo and Barcelona. In the Japanese capital is remarkable his participation in Tokyo-Ga, an extensive photographic group project.

He has exhibited in Spain, Mexico, France, Russia, Japan, South Korea and China. His works are part of important art collections as: Auer Photo Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland), Fundació Fotocolectania (Barcelona, Spain) and Fundación Unicaja (Malaga, Spain). Recently, he has published his first photobook: Tokyo Blur.

"I was born in Barcelona, my love forever, but a summer evening in 2000 I met who would be a new and lasting love: Tokyo. Since that moment, there I've been developing most of my career. My creative process, that it builds and runs in parallel with the emotional experiences that I live and make me feel alive, finds in the Japanese megalopolis the inspiration, the intimacy and also the beauty that I'm searching to express myself. A beauty that becomes a vital necessity. And provides me the energy to try to understand our world and to dream of a better one. Perhaps that is why my photographs and video-creations, move between the reality and the metaphor, between the moments lived and the desired ones."  

Solo exhibitions

2015   ISLANDS, HP, Sant Cugat, Barcelona (SPAIN) - UPCOMING EXHIBITION
2014   TOKYO BLUR,  Galeria Atelier, Barcelona (SPAIN)

2013   LA INTIMIDAD,  Mondo Galería, Madrid (SPAIN)
2012   TOKYO INTIMO,  Patricia Conde Galería, Mexico D.F. (MEXICO) 
2011   LA INTIMIDAD,  Sala Enart, Lleida (SPAIN)
2011   ASHIMOTO,  Mediadvanced Galería, Gijon (SPAIN)
2011   TOKYO,  Rita Castellote Galería, Madrid (SPAIN)
2010   KAGAMI, H2O Galería, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2008   ASHIMOTO, Emergent 08 Festival, Lleida (SPAIN) 
2008   ASHIMOTO, SCAN 08 Festival, Tarragona (SPAIN)
2008   ASHIMOTO, H2O gallery, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2005   NIPPON NO ASHI, Calpe Fotos Galería, Alicante (SPAIN)
1999   JAPONESES, In2 Japan Festival, CCCB (Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona), Barcelona (SPAIN)

Group exhibitions (selection)

2015   Korekara Japón, Mitte, Barcelona CURRENT EXHIBITION
2014   Intimidad Extimidad, Galeria Juan Naranjo, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2014   La Librairie Imaginaire (Tokyo-Ga), Galerie T, Paris (FRANCE)
2014   Gallery Weekend México,  Patricia Conde Galeria, Mexico D.F. (MEXICO)
2014   Languages and Aesthetics of Spanish Video Art, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul (S. KOREA)
2014   Korekara Japón (dual year Spain-Japan), Mitte, Barcelona 
2013   Languages and Aesthetics of Spanish Video Art, Songwon Art Center, Seoul (S. KOREA) 
2013   Room Art Fair,  stand Mondo Galería, Madrid (SPAIN) 
2013   Tokyo-Ga 4 forest among us,  Gakushuin University, Tokyo (JAPAN)
2013   Swab Art Fair,  stand Galeria Atelier, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2013   Shooting Life, Galeria Hartmann_La Santa (Circuit 2013), Barcelona (SPAIN)
2013   Videoakt 03, International Videoart Biennial, French Institut Auditorium, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2013   4colors, The square of Arts, St. Petersburg (RUSSIA)
2013   XIV Unicaja Biennial Photo Award, Museum Joaquín Peinado, Ronda, Málaga (SPAIN) 
2013   Tres projectes. Fotografia,  Galeria Atelier, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2013   XIV International Visual Arts Contest CEC, Sta. Catalina Castle, Cadiz (SPAIN)
2012   VIP ART Fair,  Patricia Conde Galeria, New York (USA) 
2012   WeArt Festival, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2012   Lima Photo 2012,  stand Patricia Conde Galeria, Lima (PERU) 
2012   Entre Ville et paysage,  Galerie Detaille, Marsella (FRANCE)
2012   XIV Unicaja Biennial Photography Award, awarded work, Sala Siglo, Málaga (SPAIN)
2011   An image for a life - Orphan AID, Raina Lupa gallery, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2011   BAC Festival 2011, H2O gallery, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2011   Saint Petersburg Photo Vernissage 2011,  Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, St. Petersburg (RUSSIA)
2011   TotArt 2010,  City hall of Picanya, Valencia (SPAIN) 
2011   Madridfoto 2011,  stand Rita Castellote Galería, Madrid (SPAIN) 
2011   Difraccion,  Patricia Conde Galería, Mexico D.F. (MEXICO)
2011   On quan qui?,  Valid Foto Galería, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2010   XII International Visual Arts Contest CEC,  Sta. Catalina Castle, Cadiz (SPAIN)
2010   Loop Videoart Festival, H2O Galería, Barcelona (SPAIN) 
2009   Video Art from Spain: Hybrid Generations, UCCA (Ullens Center of Contemporary Art),  Beijing (CHINA) 
2009   Loop Videoart Festival, H2O gallery, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2009   Madridfoto 2009, stands Blanca Berlin Galería & Photolounge.eu, Madrid (SPAIN) 
2008   Fish & Foto, H2O Galería, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2005   The Pyramide Exhibition, Sonimag, Barcelona (SPAIN)
2003   Sol y Sombra,  10th anniversary of twinning between Kobe and Barcelona, Hotel Majestic, Barcelona (SPAIN)

Works in art collections AUER PHOTO FOUNDATION, Geneva, SWITZERLAND, www.auerphotofoundation.org
FUNDACIÓ FOTOCOLECTANIA,  Barcelona, SPAIN, www.colectania.es 
FUNDACIÓN UNICAJA,  Malaga, SPAIN, www.obrasocialunicaja.es

Awards & grants 2013  Grants of research and creation 2013, CoNCA (Council of Culture and Art of Catalonia) 
            Granted project: "Tokyo. Un projecte continu"
2012   XIV International Visual Arts Award CEC, selected work
2012   Descubrimientos PHE 2012 
2011   XIV Unicaja Biennial Photography Award, awarded and acquired work
2010   Grants of research and creation 2013, CoNCA (Council of Culture and Art of Catalonia)
             Granted project: "La intimitat"
2010   TotArt 2010, selected exhibition project
2010   XII International Visual Arts Award CEC, selected work
2002   LUX silver (personal project), AFP - Professional Photographers Association of Spain
1996   LUX gold (fashion), AFP - Professional Photographers Association of Spain