Born in New York (United States),
Lives & works in Madrid (Spain)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Anna Gimein came to work in video from a background in dance, and one of her main interests is using the human figure and its movement as expressive elements for what takes place inside.

Several of her works are video-performances focusing on a single gesture, significant in multiple ways, complex in the content for the mind and the heart, and in execution for the body. Beyond the inescapable concern with what the movement could express to the observer, the focus of this work is more inward, exploring how feeling and sufferance translates into movement; on what moves us to make certain movements. Language and the spoken word are another important element in her work, with an emphasis on the use of a personal rather than the public voice.


Exhibitions and screenings


Videotopías. 4rto Ciclo de Vídeo en la ONG (Carácas)

Artifariti. II International Art Meeting in the Liberated Territories of Western Sahara (with LHFA)

Camps de Joc. Consejo Superior de Deportes (Lérida)

Explorando Usera. Madrid Abierto (with LHFA)

XI Certamen Bienal Unicaja de Artes Plásticas. (artwork acquisition) (Malaga)

Contenedores (with LHFA). (Seville)


BIDA2007. (Gijón)

Vacio9 (Madrid) - projection


Festival Internacional de Cine Pobre (Cuba)

Las ciudades invisibles. V Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Almería en corto

La Más Bella Grandes Éxitos (experimental arte magazine) De Fijo a Móvil (Madrid)


Passport. (LHFA). COSLART. (Coslada, Madrid)

Solo works

A Photograph. Single-channel video installation. 2009

An Exercise. Single-channel video installation. 2007

Rehearsal. Single-channel video installation. 2007

Rehearsal. Three-channel video installation. 2007

María. Video. 2007

Work in collaboration

Saint Petersburg Perspectives (2005-2006). Fernando Baena and Anna Gimein. Video. 40 minutes. The project received the grant Premio de la Creación Artística de la Comunidad de Madrid of 2005.


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