Born in Ciudad de México (Mexico), 1968
Lives & works in Ciudad de México (Mexico)
Very active in: 90s, 2000s, Current decade

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Film works: Calling All Cars, Flip Film, La Reina, My Good Eye, Quixote Dreams, No Outlet, Memory Eye, Film For..., Un Film Terrible, City City, Day Night, Looking In/Looking Out, Motel 6 (Not a Thriller), Regarding Motion, New World Order, Dust, Tiny Rubber Band.

Alvarez's films search for the limits of the medium, examining the end of the spectrum opposite narrative film. Attempting to make the viewer re-examine what it is they really look at when watching a film. The viewer becomes at one time the observer and the observed.

Alvarez explores various qualities of light, motion, and texture and the relationships between these three elements that give film its special quality. Crazy images that lay on the retina like little secret messages, exploring the places where memory is held.

He is conceptually interested in a variety of issues, such as gender politics, ancient cultures being swept away, war and violence..

'We live in a world filled with images of violence against the intellect of both women and men. Our culture is so suffused with violence we tend to forget how much we allow our intelligence to be insulted. We must begin to examine the absurdity of the extremes we are subject to.'