Born in Málaga (Spain), 1978
Lives & works in (Spain)
Very active in: 2000s, Current decade

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Video Art Works

Boxes (2007)

Fernando García Tamajón (artistic alias, Malaventura) was born in Málaga in 1978

Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences in the UMA (University of Malaga, Andalucía, Spain).

2003 Began his activity like audiovisual artist in a multidisciplinary work for the University that include web art, Videos and an interactive CD with some tracks of electronic music.
Later, he released two records under his alias Malaventura

2005 Malaventura and two Eps with the pianist Alejandro Ventura - Mal(A.Ventura)2: ruidos+pianos, where both explore the territory between the classic minimalism and the distorted electronics and Jazz.

2006 Production of the Video "Sea Monsters". Apoetical narration through in slicks about rare abyssal creatures.
Exhibition of "Sea Monsters" in several Festivals like the Fascurt or the Sagunt's Mostra.

2007 "Sea Monsters" was awarded like the best Videoart in the Andalusian short films contest of Malaga Council and in the Magmart (International Videoart Festival , www.magmart.it).
In December of that year "Sea monsters" appears in the Tv show about Videoart, Transfera (in Canal Autor, orange TV, spain).
Malaventura released a new record where he tried to put together again the electronics sounds with the jazz cadences "The secrets of the Moon".
Production of "Boxes"

2008 Exhibited in the Athens Videoart Festival (www.athensvideoartfestival.gr), this Video has been prized in the Magmart 2008 and in the Andalusian short films contest of Malaga Council-
"Sea monsters" and "Boxes" has been exposed in the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum and it's part of their permanent Videoart collection. The Andalusian Film Library has recently added these videos to their Catalogue.